Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday....Aie. It continues.

Hullo, all!
WIP Wednesday.....Woohoo!! I either feel incredibly accomplished or um, a tad sheepish.

This is sorta a sheepish one...... I was supposed to have finished my Purple Purple Quilt; but things keep happening. You know, life things. The last two weeks everyone's been sick at work so I ended up filling in a lot. Working and lifting and standing all day does not a happy sewist make at the end of the day. THEN on the weekend, when I had lots of time, I went to visit and brought ALL my gear .... or so I thought. I had it all unpacked, repinned, ready to go and went to plug in my machine.....wait...what? 

Where's the power cord???

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. Forgot the power cord. Le sigh. SO. I repacked it all up. Put everything away. And then read sewing blogs after I cleaned the kitchen.

BUT I SWEAR today is THE DAY. It SHALL be done. I have to vaccuum and dust then....THEN....I SHALL finish this.

See the determination????

Purple Purple: 80% Quilted - Borders need to be FMQ, tidied and bound. Then, done!

The below are sad WIPS  that i never finished before Christmas.... they were 11th hour jobs for a last minute Craft Show I joined....

Brown & Yellow Boys quilt: Border needs to be attached.
Princess Quilts: Vers 1-3 - 1, needs bound 2,3 needs finished FMQ and bound
Patchwork Fairies: Need quilting & tidy & bind
My Rail Fence: Still sadly watching old movies from the corner.
Disappearing 9Patch Girlfriend Quilt: Needs to be quilted and bound. I have a walking foot now that actually works
My Rail Fence Top, assembled

Projects in my Head:
Rainbow Star Quilt
Ruby Quilt - Bricks and Mortar I think
A Walk In The Woods Quilt giant 9 patch deconstructed
Girlfriend Quilt - Super Sunny horrible pic
Brown, Yellow & Blue Baby Quilt Too much sun for photo

Patchwork Fairy Quilt - Not Enough Sun for pic  
 I took some pics to show my WIPS - but the front yard was TOO sunny and the back not sunny ENOUGH.
Oh well... You get the idea. Happy Sewing everyone!!!!