Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holy Cow,it's WIP Again! Yay!

Okay so I'm almost caught, sorta....heh.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Here's my updates for WIP Wednesday:

 This quilt is a custom order; just awaiting FMQ and binding, to be done tonite after work. Yay!
Circus Animal Quilt

 This is a custom memory quilt made from baby clothes and blankets. A bit of a challenge, but it is awating quilting and binding..
Baby Clothes Memory Quilt

 A custom order, new this week, so needs to be sandwiched, basted and quilted.
A custom order Rail Fence with creams and browns.

 This colour block quilt is for me; I LOVED the colours of the fabric.I had a "Oooh" moment in the fabric store and it was almost painful to cut into this fabric (I know you know what I mean) but it came together with hot pink blender cotton that I love it even more now. I decided to make it bigger, queen bed sized, so adding more as I go.
Colour Block Quilt

Other quilts:
My Pink & Green Railfence: No progress
Misc quilt tops for store: Some extra blocks assembled, no real big woop progress this week.

That's it for now, I'm off to work. More quilting to be done later tonite!!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday, here in Elgin County the temps went back up nicely today!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lotsa Progress

Sometimes you get the sewing bug, and sometimes, you just don't. 

Yesterday, I did!

I sewed like a demon and did four quilt tops and did the finishing touches on the bottom ones. Yay!
PLUS there are two more that I can't show. Top secret. Heh.

Colourbrick quilt for ME I think :)

Ruby and Camille and misc fabrics;  a birthday gift, top only

Circus/Animal print, custom order

Walk In The Woods for shop, top only

Red & White Scraps quilt, for the shop, top only

Clean up the Quilt Cave Scraps Quilt for the couch, top only

Baby Boy quilt; for shop, top only

Lily & Will II Blue & Yellow baby quilt; for shop FINISHED

Small Fairy Patchwork, for shop FINISHED

Large bordered Fairy Patchwork, for shop FINISHED

Princess Strip Quilt; for shop, FNISHED

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the lovely spring weather!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First WIP of official Spring!

Well now let's see.....
Lots got done last week...Spring has sprung and I was totally inspired to get cleaning, get finishing.
So....progress so far:
Still messing with the layout.

NEW WIP custom order: I'm not pleased with my current layout so I'm going to mess with this more today. It's a super cute Circus Print with bright blue and polka dots for contrast. I cannot find my camera (starting to panic) so I'm stuck with using my phone camera so sorry about the crappy pics. This is a custom order and I'm finishing it today ( I hope!)

New WIP:
Baby memory quilt made out of baby clothes & blankets. This is a challenge for me, to do someone's memories and treasures justice. I have found a few pics online for inspiration, we'll see how it turns out. I was SO SCARED as I cut into the wee little clothes...aieeee. Pics to follow when/if I find my camera.

FINISHED this week:
One of the Fairy patchwork quilts; older pic finished.
Jungle quilt, and sent. Purple purple, and sent.
For my Etsy store, awaiting pics, 4 finished baby quilts. Basted, bound & trimmed and washed.Yay!

WIP: My rail fence: I unpicked all the ugly stitching and rebasted. Le sigh. But I forgot how pretty this was so new inspiration to finish.
Rail fence top on the grass last summer. my longest standing WIP

Custom surprise blankie that I can't even mention. Cut.

Ruby bricks and strips: Rows are assembled, needs sashing and finishing.

WITW: Started to assemble.

SO...... that's it for me so far. The beautiful weather has been keeping outside and's a good thing I love to sew because there aren't any windows down in the Quilt Cave...(hence the name) because it's awfully hard to tear myself away from the sunshine....!

I hope you all have a productive week, and happy SPRING y'all!!!

***UPDATE as of 5pm***

Yay! I assembled both the Walk In The Woods AND the Circus quilt tops today!
Here's some pics:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Purple Purple Purple FINISHED!


At long's done!

Today I trimmed, snipped, and finished. Everything is now packed and ready to be sent
(Lizcarrit if you're reading this THANKS for your patience!)

I wonder why some projects come together in one day and others that SHOULD be simple don't and take forever. Or little mistakes pile up and then it's a Huge one that requires h o u r s of unpicking.

At any rate; here are my two finishes for the weekend, and a new custom order that I'm working on the layout for:

I love the disappearing 9 patch pattern.

Jungle Monkey Quilt for James & Ann

Purple Purple Purple all laid out purty

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cure All Chicken Soup

Nothing is worse than coming down sick with flu-like symptoms. It sucks. And you just want something warm in your tummy and a comfy couch or bed, and sleep. And this is the BEST chicken soup that I make when I'm actually NOT sick and freeze it til it's needed.

You will need:

Big Stock Pot - bigger than the average 6qt. I have a 10qt (we call it the "corn cooking pot") and it's what I use.
Smaller stock pot, 6qt
Bone-in skinless chicken thighs - 3-4lbs (usually 6 in a package, big ones)
Head of Celery
2 Onions
1 bag baby carrots
1 head of garlic - i use way more but i love me my garlic
whole black peppercorns
fresh parsley
cayenne pepper
chicken bouillon

Step One:

Fill smaller stockpot 3/4 way with water.
Trim off any excess fat from the chicken thighs, discard fat and add chicken to water.
peel 3 heads of garlic, add.
chop the top half of your celery head including the leaves and add to water.
rip off a good size chunk of the parsley and add.
add 1 tablespoon each of: Ginger, thyme, black peppercorns
add 1 teaspoon of cayenne

Bring all the above in the pot to a boil. Stir it well all together, cover and reduce heat to med for 45 minutes.
Check every now and then and skim off any fat that's floating on the top. Use a fine sieve or a coffee filter; just drag it gently across the top (don't let it fall into the water, just skim along the top.

Step 2:

Cut up celery, onions and carrots in soup sized chunks.
Dice up all the garlic.
Slice up another big chunk of the parsley. Use a mezza luna if you have one, they're great.

When there is FIVE minutes or less remaining on your chicken pot, start this next bit.
Place large pot on stovetop and add a chunk of butter. Let it melt and saute the onions, garlic, celery and carrots. Remove from heat, leave the burner on, and put this large pot in your sink. Place a colander over the top of it.

Step 3:

Once 45 mins is done, remove from heat and turn off burner. Strain the stock (that's what your water is now called) thru the colander and into the large pot.

Remove the chicken to a plate and let cool.

Discard the spices, celery, etc etc from the pot. Just make sure you keep all the liquid!

Step 4

Put the Large pot with your soup in it back on the burner you left on. Keep it on medium-high heat. You should have all your celery, garlic, onions and carrots in it.
3 cups of hot water.
2 cubes of boullion.
Tablespoon of: Ginger, peppercorns, thyme
Teaspoon of cayenne (or less, taste the broth first before you add.)
The spices you can add or decrease to taste. Keep in mind that when your sick, your taste buds aren't as awake.
Stir it all together, and let it cook.

While all that is cooking, pull off the meat from the bones. Make sure you also pull off any of the remaining fatty bits. There will be some. This is kinda gross but worth it cuz the more fat you remove the less fatty the soup. Add the chicken to the cooking soup.

Taste test your broth here and see how it tastes. If you want more 'chicken' taste, use one more boullion cube, and season accordingly to taste.

Cover and let this all simmer together for 2-3 hours or until ready to eat;
I usually turn it down to like, 3 or low-med heat. It tastes best if you can let it gel together the full 2-3 hours.

Et voila!!!

This soup is great the day of and of course gets better with a day or two.
It also freezes beautifully, I use the heavy duty ziploc freezer bags.

For a different twist on it:

I like to serve it kinda like Vietnamese Pho - cook up come 3 minute noodles (you can find them near the chinese food usually; they're like, 99c a package), boil a few eggs, and add spinach, bean sprouts and thai sweet chili sauce, topped with lime wedges.
Add the soup you want into the bowl.
So you put the noodles in the middle of the bowl.Then, at 3 oclock, set in a bunch like, a pinch, of spinach. At 6o'clock, add a pinch of beansprouts. 9 o'clock, slices of the eggs. and then a dollop of chili sauce in the middle, and squeeze a lime wedge over it all. Eat with a big spoon and chopsticks, or a fork.
Don't be afraid to slurp!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday SUNDAY Sunday....

**Note: This was originally posted on Sunday but I'm sharing for WIP Wednesday. Gotta catch up when we can! **

Well. Today was a Very Productive Day.

I plowed thru a bunch of WIPS that have been languishing from atop the treadmill...which I also busted out this week. Size 10, here I come! But I digress.

Here is my NEW updated list of WIPS. I know we usually all do this on Wednesdays, but well, it was a WIP Sunday this week.

Here's the progress:

Purple Purple Purple Quilt: Unpicked, resewed, washed and ready to be bound! I would have finished this tonite but I ran out of the binding. Tomoro to be finished after a quick stop at the fabric store for binding.

My Rail Fence: All the bad stitches gone! Tomoro it shall be spray basted & trimmed. It's queen sized so I may not quilt it this week, we'll see.

Almost Complete:

Fairy/Princess Patchwork quilts: Basted, quilted, trimmed and ready to be bound!

Blue & Yellow Baby Quilt: Trimmed and ready to be bound!

Girlfriend quilt: Quilted, ready to be bound!


Two dear friends of mine are about to have their first child; a boy. Like, now. Right now. And I almost forgot!
So today I made their Baby Boy Zoo patchwork quilt;  pics are below! It needs to be quilted and bound; still deciding if I want to FMQ or straight line stitch it. I also made enough squares and assembled a second top for my Etsy store; to be finished later on.

You can really see the colours here; layout time!
Assembled, with some gorgeous chocolate brown borders
  I also have some charm packs of "A Walk In The Woods" and "Ruby". The WITW quilt layout is below; I'm thinking I'm going to add some white strips in between rows, to flesh it out and make it a bit bigger. I also am working on a disappearing 9-patch with my Ruby charms; I ordered an extra yard of the grey swirly fabric for the 'arms' of the pattern. It's still in it's piles on my sewing table; below is the WITW layout.
"A Walk In The Woods" Charm quilt layout.
 New WIPS:
Ruby - To be Assembled
Jungle Boy Quilt top - assembled, needs quilt, sandwich & bind
WITW: To be assembled, quilted, bound

Quilt Tops No Progress:
Red & White Strips - No progress, still just a top
Scrap Block Quilt - No progress, still just a top

There! Let's see how much more I can get done this week. I feel like my sewing mojo is returning!
Happy Spring, everyone!!!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday....Aie. It continues.

Hullo, all!
WIP Wednesday.....Woohoo!! I either feel incredibly accomplished or um, a tad sheepish.

This is sorta a sheepish one...... I was supposed to have finished my Purple Purple Quilt; but things keep happening. You know, life things. The last two weeks everyone's been sick at work so I ended up filling in a lot. Working and lifting and standing all day does not a happy sewist make at the end of the day. THEN on the weekend, when I had lots of time, I went to visit and brought ALL my gear .... or so I thought. I had it all unpacked, repinned, ready to go and went to plug in my machine.....wait...what? 

Where's the power cord???

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. Forgot the power cord. Le sigh. SO. I repacked it all up. Put everything away. And then read sewing blogs after I cleaned the kitchen.

BUT I SWEAR today is THE DAY. It SHALL be done. I have to vaccuum and dust then....THEN....I SHALL finish this.

See the determination????

Purple Purple: 80% Quilted - Borders need to be FMQ, tidied and bound. Then, done!

The below are sad WIPS  that i never finished before Christmas.... they were 11th hour jobs for a last minute Craft Show I joined....

Brown & Yellow Boys quilt: Border needs to be attached.
Princess Quilts: Vers 1-3 - 1, needs bound 2,3 needs finished FMQ and bound
Patchwork Fairies: Need quilting & tidy & bind
My Rail Fence: Still sadly watching old movies from the corner.
Disappearing 9Patch Girlfriend Quilt: Needs to be quilted and bound. I have a walking foot now that actually works
My Rail Fence Top, assembled

Projects in my Head:
Rainbow Star Quilt
Ruby Quilt - Bricks and Mortar I think
A Walk In The Woods Quilt giant 9 patch deconstructed
Girlfriend Quilt - Super Sunny horrible pic
Brown, Yellow & Blue Baby Quilt Too much sun for photo

Patchwork Fairy Quilt - Not Enough Sun for pic  
 I took some pics to show my WIPS - but the front yard was TOO sunny and the back not sunny ENOUGH.
Oh well... You get the idea. Happy Sewing everyone!!!!