Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Sailin' We Shall Go...

I live in SW Ontario and our Fabric shoppes are few and far between. In our town we have a tiny but sturdy small shop, that's been in the fabric biz forever. And they're great. But sometimes, you just need something different.

Nearby is the wonderful Lens Mills; it's about a half hour, and it has a HUGE selection of any kind of fabric you could ever want or need. It's crowded, and dusty, and the lighting is terrible, but it's so much fun so poke about and the women you meet in the aisles and get to chatting with (you  know how that're wandering, mumbling to yourself, then suddenly, eyes are caught, smiles shared, conversations start)

And one day: I found THIS:

The most ADORABLE lightweight cotton print: Sailboats on a white or pink or blue background, and the caption reads: "Little Boats Should Keep Near Shore - Benjamin Franklin" 

I fell in love. And I also found a great co-ordinating mixer fabric that reminded me of water and sky,  a bright red to complement, with borders of a nautical rope & wheel print. I adore this quilt, but it's available in my Etsy shop for you!

Perfect for a twin bed, or a lap throw....or even, on your boat!

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sooo tired!

What a fun day!

The HBBA Show at the Timken Centre in St.Thomas was a happy day. I finished and displayed lots and lots of quilts, and met lots and lots of wonderful folks today! (And, re-met several people I hadn't seen in YEARS!) All in all, a great day. But I'm exhausted, and soon off to bed.

Today I heard a lot of people comment on how beautiful the quilts are, and how they wish they could find the time to quilt. I would smile and reply, Find the Time! It's so worth it. It really is. But...I also warned's addictive! (It's not a hoard of fabric. It's a stash.Really. And I need it all.)  I love to quilt. Even when it's the most frustrating ... I love it. It's so peaceful, and I can focus on creating order out of chaos, one block at a time.:) So I say, Do it! Find the time, and face the challenge. You'll be so glad you did.

And if we were chatting today at my booth : YES I can do a Scooby-Doo quilt....YES I Can (hopefully) repair the quilts that I was asked about, but we'll have to see the state of affairs first....and  ..oh yes...I will be glad to make T-shirt memory quilts .....oh and to do the grunt work on the piecing together of the cut out blocks for the lady whose daughter is going away to school.

Some photos from today:
Adorable (if I do say so) Twin sized Sailboat Quilt

"Little Boats Should Keep Near Shore" a quote on the fabric by Benjamin Franklin

"Fairies in the Window" Lap/Toddler Quilt
Upclose view of the Fairies in the Window

Upclose view of the Fairies in the Window

Twin Sized Checkerboard Quilt

Vintage Look scrappy Baby Quilt

Superhero Baby Quilt!

Ooh La La Baby Quilt

"A Walk in The Woods" Lap sized Stepping Stones quilt

Have a great night, and enjoy Sunday!