Costumes are hand made by me, careful & quality design, and stitch by stitch care. I machine sew and serger overlock for extra durability.

Bloomers are made with a Poly/cotton blend unless otherwise ordered
They are either made to order in black or white only (at this point) but I also have several ready made pairs that are super cute and funky.

Zippers & Buttons & Beadwork, oh my!
My costumes are all carefully and lovingly made. They will last (with proper care) for years to come. I use high quality fabric and trims; velvets, velour, jacquard, satins, etc etc.

 I  specialize in Medeival/Renaissance/Steampunk style clothing but we can always put our heads together go create something even more fabulous!

The most commonly asked question I get is
 Will You Do General Sewing of any Kind ?
I really hate doing alterations.  So um, yeah. No thank you.

Bloomer edging detail.
A preliminary sketch for a Sassy Saloon Gal

Fancy Stitches

Back to the 50's... Poodleskirts and bobby sox!
Renaissance Group The Limeybirds