Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snow makes for CUTE PHOTOS

Last year for Christmas; I received a wonderful and thoughtful gift....a Canon Rebel camera.
I love it. I'm still learning to use it, for Christmas THIS year Santa brought a super cool zoom lens...(which I also have to learn how to use.)

I know that photographs are probably the most important part of any blog; and I am slowly working on redoing most (all) of the photos of my quilts so you can really see the colours and work involved on them. Here are some updates you can see on my Etsy page:

Under The Sea Baby Quilt

Pink Princess Quilt

Pinkest Pink Twin Size super warm quilt. Vintage sheet backing!

Retro Vintage Chic Baby Quilt.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Contest! Free Fabric for Life!

Hmm.... just imagine the possibilities!!!

Thanks to our friends at "Keepsake Quilting" they are running a contest where you can win Fabric for Life!!  They have a great website with all sorts of Fabrics, Notions, Quilt Patterns, and more!

For contest  details here....  

And To ENTER:  Click me!   

Enter to win the Fabric for Life Sweepstakes