Friday, March 23, 2012

Lotsa Progress

Sometimes you get the sewing bug, and sometimes, you just don't. 

Yesterday, I did!

I sewed like a demon and did four quilt tops and did the finishing touches on the bottom ones. Yay!
PLUS there are two more that I can't show. Top secret. Heh.

Colourbrick quilt for ME I think :)

Ruby and Camille and misc fabrics;  a birthday gift, top only

Circus/Animal print, custom order

Walk In The Woods for shop, top only

Red & White Scraps quilt, for the shop, top only

Clean up the Quilt Cave Scraps Quilt for the couch, top only

Baby Boy quilt; for shop, top only

Lily & Will II Blue & Yellow baby quilt; for shop FINISHED

Small Fairy Patchwork, for shop FINISHED

Large bordered Fairy Patchwork, for shop FINISHED

Princess Strip Quilt; for shop, FNISHED

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the lovely spring weather!