Monday, August 13, 2018

Home home home

So for most of my adult life, I was on tour. 
Always on the go.

Loved it. Saw amazing things, met INCREDIBLE people, and just loved everything about touring.
But I got older, I wanted to stay put. 
One night around the trailers we were all talking about what we wanted for the future. 

And I said, Peace....and Stability.

I am so happy and contented with where I am. My garden, my sewing room, my 'stuff' amazing husband and our goofy glorious world we have created together.
What is it you want for the future?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday! Hooray!

What's going on this weekend? 

I'm planning on diggin in and plowing through some WIPS. 

I am seriously committing to clearing out my knitting & sewing projects so I can REALLY get going on some cool new projects!

Coming soon to the Shop:

Super Cute and Sparkly Dress Up Dresses
Superhero Capes
Retro Style 50's Inspired Circle Skirts! 

And don't forget...Hallowe'en is coming soon. Get your custom orders in NOW !