Friday, July 20, 2018

The Year of Not Buying Fabric

You guys.
Omg. You guys.

It's three quarters  through July




No really. I've made a sort of deal with myself that I need to clean up and get through my stash this year.
It's...too much. When I'm moving bins and bins of fabrics around (but I do know exactly what's in each bin, y'all... I really do) and still having to go buy more fabric....I think it's gone past the Stash phase and I'm teetering dangerously close to Hoarder status.

I decided last year to Not Buy Any Fabric.

The exceptions:
Vintage sheets at thrift shops
Any extra pieces needed to finish a work in progress (meaning if I run out of yardage and I need the same thing)
Custom costume orders
Notions (which don't count anyway) like thread, bobbins, binding, etc

And guess what.
SO FAR:::: This year I've only bought thread.


"OH, what self control" you must be thinking.
No...what it means is I had TOO MUCH CRAP IN MY SEWING ROOM.
I'mma be real here.
I even went BIN by BIN and discarded TWO GIANT garbage bags of fabric. Before you clutch your pearls...I donated it all. Except for tiny off cut scraps that let's face it, should have stuffed a pillow a long time ago.

So. Slowly but surely. I'm working my way thru WIPS and UFOs. I found my sewing mojo again and I finally finished my dufflebag. (Blog post on that to come).) I repurposed some shirts. I continue to get back into the groove and find inspiration from what I have.

Anyone else? What tips and tricks do you use when you've had fabric forever and can't remember what amazing project you bought it for???

Monday, July 16, 2018

National ICE CREAM DAY!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!

Um okay so in the Kelly family we have a saying:

"There's ALWAYS room for Ice Cream".

And THAT my friends is the absolute truth.

Now; I do love me my Chunky Monkey as much as the next person but my tried & true is ALWAYS Pistachio. No; wait. Mint Chip. NO! Coconut. Grrrr. Double Chocolate Brownie?? Gah. Who am I kidding???
 I . 

 All of it. All the flavours. All of them.


Now, a few years ago I received a gift of an Ice Cream Maker. Because well, I love Ice Cream.
My Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker! Reliable, SO easy to use & clean!
But I was rather shocked to find out that most recipes call for ridiculous amounts of both sugar and heavy cream, or sweetened condensed milk. I'm sorry. 
But that's just...too much sweet. (Is there such a thing?? Turns out,there is.)

So I searched and searched (wasn't brave enough to experiment. Heavy cream is EXPENSIVE, yo.)
I had these gorgeous but-had-to-be-used-yesterday strawberries.... 

 the tail end of fresh strawberries from the Farmer's Market....
and I knew what I had to do.
Found an amazing Strawberry Ice Cream recipe (Thanks, Michelle!!!!)  and took a deep breath and...VOILA.
Home made ice cream in less than an hour!!!!! I was so impressed. And let me tell ya.....the taste is the best Ice Cream I've ever had.

It was so good..... I made a SECOND batch immediately AND a chocolate one, too.

Happy Ice Cream Day, y'all!!