Friday, February 24, 2012

Finish it UP already!!!

This quilt took longer than expected...but boy oh boy is it turning out nicely. It's spray basted right now but I'm going to pin baste it later, sometimes i find the June Tailor basting spray doesn't always stick. And it's hard to find 505 in my little town; so I make due.

Anyway. It needs to be quilted; and usually I go with my fav FMQ swirlies, but I'm wondering if this quilt, due to its strong geometrical design should be straight lined on the diagonal??

Thoughts? I'm a bit not sure about that....and I do love my FMQ.....hmm.

I wait to see what others think as I 'creep' photos on flickr to see who else has done what with a strippy quilt.
yes it's crinkly edged cuz I didn't have room to pull it all out straight

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stash Building

Okay so no pics for right now...but um..... next time I go to a fabric shop, I think I need a chaperone.


BUT I did find some Thomas the Tank engine flannelette; fabulous. And some GORGEOUS browns and oh yum. SO many wonderful things....PLUS I got my new package of Moda solids last week, AND my Kona Ash/Charcoal yardages from Canton Village Quiltworks, AND....two more charm packs on their way ....CAN'T WAIT!

Now...just have to figure out what to make!!!

Woohoo! I love the possibilities of the neatly folded fabric stacks...the blank inspiration is back!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Finish it Up Friday!

So; whilst it's not COMPLETELY done, as in, borders and binding.... oh, yes and the quilting;
here is the final layout and all completed blocks for my Purple String Quilt.

It will be a queen size quilt that is a commissioned gift for a super cool guy that I've had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with.

I should have this one done by Monday night, cuz I work all day Saturday and have a big audition Sunday night...fingers crossed!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and the snow we're getting up here makes everything sparkly and bright!

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Purple Purple Purple

Yay! It's Wednesday once again!!!

This quilt is a purple & grey 'string' quilt that has become a labour of love to complete. I'm 75% finished the top.
I have to complete 21 more blocks, this is to become a queen sized quilt; and I'm almost there.

21 More Blocks to Go! Woot!

At first I thought this'd be a simple to construct block; but then with the measuring, cutting, attaching, remeasuring and cutting ....looks are deceiving this one is hard...well maybe not hard but it's very time consuming. But so worth it! (And yes, I'm a total Aries girl here. Want it done NOW!!! Heh)

But here's my weekly progress:

Completed Top: Clean up the Cave Scrap Quilt. No good pic but the top is finished, I used a turquiose sheeet for sashing and binding, it'll look cute when finished. A generous lap sized quilt.

No Progress:
My Rail Fence: Still hanging over the treadmill (guess what else I didn't work on this week)  untouched with the Brown and Blue baby quilt.

Arrived in the mail!  I ordered some Kona Ash/Charcoal/Grey fabrics and the Brights Charm Pack from Canton Village Quilltworks, and they came this week! YAY!!!
I've been wanting to do a mixed-stars quilt for sometime, and I love the look of the dark sashing and borders so yay Kona Coal.

That's it from my side of the sewing table, I hope all your sewing this week was FAR more productive than mine!!!

How cosy does my fatso catso look?!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Febby-yarry WIP Wednesday! Whee!

Whoa. Wasn't it Christmas, like, yesterday?????? I certainly had a big list of stuff to finish, and I'm proud to say, I *did* get nearly everything done. I know, insane. The King Size quilt nearly killed me. It certainly finished off my old machine. BUT ... there was nothing more warm & fuzzy than opening my email inbox on the 26th and reading thank yous from recipients of my quilts, and seeing the faces of the folks that I was with that day who got quilts. And other projects. Laugh. You know who you are and what you got. Heh.

I have to admit the urge to sew sew sew wasn't quite there for Jan. BUT...last night I sat down and started to sew.
And it all came back! I popped in a Muppets movie, and sewed to my little heart's content.

Here's my current WIP List:

Clean up the Cave Scrap Quilt - tidy edges, complete the top. WIP.
Purple String Quilt - finish making blocks,
My Rail Fence -  Needs to have a lot ripped out and redone. Le sigh.
Blue & Brown Baby Quilt - finish the binding.
5 other Baby Quilts - Don't ask. To be quilted and bound. Eventually for my Etsy shop.

Scrappy Clean up the Cave Quilt:
Blocks made, gonna do a few more today and lay them out, decide on sashing and go from there.

Piles of scrappy blocks. I did empty out TWO tupperware containers of scraps.

There is also a Purple String Quilt that I have on order that I am working on.  It's quite overdue; there was so much going on in my personal life I just didn't have energy or inspiration to work on it. I also realized that for some reason, if I don't really like the colours I'm working with, I have a hard time starting the quilt. But now it's coming right along; here is my second big WIP.

I have to make 48 blocks. I'm at 22. 

And Oh before I forget. I found some great cookie recipes online this week; thank you Jennifer at Jcasa for "Those Cookies" and the Peppermint Melties from Flossie Teacakes  . I was in a baking mood; and here's what I did.
I made both recipes, (although, a full cap of the mint extract is WAY too much; use maybe half if you're using artificial) And then....inspiration struck; and...they came together in a pretty pink minty way!
I used store bought cream cheese icing that I tinted pink, and that was the 'glue' that held them together. These are a hit and I have to make more now!

So that's my WIP Wednesday. I might put more pics of the sashed blocks later if I get them done; but I need to work on the purple quilt first.

I hope you all have a wonderfully productive day,I shall leave you with a warm n fuzzy pic of my fatso catso enjoying one of my quilts on the couch in His Spot.
Buck the fat cat says, Happy Quilting!