Custom Quilts

You say "Quilt" and immediately the image conjured up is mostly likely one of a few scenarios.
Probably This.....
Or This.....

Or even this.


Well believe it or not... quilting has had a huge renaissance the past decade or so.
New techniques, new machines and modern designs melding with the traditional;
Quilting is a skill to make beautiful and functional works of art for everyone.

Sure. You *could* go to any big box department or even a fancier store and spend $50-$100 on a fake quilt. You could. We all do. It's cheaper. But's cheaper. Polyester. Batch machined. Mass produced. Something that you'll buy,use for a year or two, and when it fades out completely you'll send it to Goodwill, or the dog gets it, or the polyester is so lumpy in it you just throw it out.
 A handmade quilt is something that will be given with love, cherished, and taken care of.
 Something that can be passed on, and shared through the generations.
 Now, THAT is a quilt.

I use all  patterns; from traditional to modern to ones I design mixing the two.

For YOUR creation we  work together to pick out a design, choose colours, and I send you photos of the work in progress along the way.
Or if that's not your thing, tell me who and what and when and I can design up to 3 sketches that sound like the personality of the recipient of the quilt and we go from there.

Baby - Small, perfect for playmats, strollers, car seats. Square 3.5 x 3.5 ft

 Lap - Perfect for snuggling on the couch, throwing over you on road trips 4.5 x 6
 Twin - Fits a twin sized bed, with 6 inch drop over the side.
Queen   - Fits a queen bed, 6 inch drop.
King sizes are available upon request but require a longer production time; and higher cost as these will require sending out to be Long Arm Quilted.
Completed quilts & other items for sale
Visit here to see a collection of various completed quilts.

Spooooky Halloween Quilt!
Custom King Sized Quilt
All fabrics are cotton, or poly-cotton, the batting is poly-cotton (Or you can order Warm & Wonderful 100% cotton) and come in various sizes.

My quilt prices include the cost of all materials, fabrics, and time. Each quilt takes about 8-20+ hours to make; from the finding fabrics, cutting, assembling, re assembling, ironing, sandwiching, trimming, quilting, and binding! (whew!