Friday, February 24, 2012

Finish it UP already!!!

This quilt took longer than expected...but boy oh boy is it turning out nicely. It's spray basted right now but I'm going to pin baste it later, sometimes i find the June Tailor basting spray doesn't always stick. And it's hard to find 505 in my little town; so I make due.

Anyway. It needs to be quilted; and usually I go with my fav FMQ swirlies, but I'm wondering if this quilt, due to its strong geometrical design should be straight lined on the diagonal??

Thoughts? I'm a bit not sure about that....and I do love my FMQ.....hmm.

I wait to see what others think as I 'creep' photos on flickr to see who else has done what with a strippy quilt.
yes it's crinkly edged cuz I didn't have room to pull it all out straight