Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Awesome Fabric Store

Oh wow. Guys. 

There is this store. It's like, awesome.

Wow. It's so amazing I can't even barely type about it
Or, speak coherently apparently.

Jagjit Fabrics in Brampton. 

Wow. Just, wow.

It's amazing. It has everything. It's got every type of fabric you could possibly imagine. From plain shirting to fancy dress....every colour every imaginable pattern.

Oh, you need trim?? Shelves over 15 feet high dripping with trims, laces, sequins... you name it.

Silks, satins, fancy laces, sequin trims, velvets, yards and yards of cottons, voiles...oh man. I was overwhelmed.

Even has shoes, garlands of roses/flowers, jewelry and tons and tons of sparkle and sequins and bangles....I was in heaven.

Now I wasn't really supposed to take photos, I did ask and got a stern frown and a shake of the head from the Matron in charge. (There is no other way to describe the solid, slightly disapproving, hair scraped into a bun, old fashioned but beautiful sari wearing head mistress of the fabric section).

So these few photos are from their Facebook page.

But I highly recommend you visit; the prices are OUTSTANDING and it is totally worth the drive up here to visit this shop.

For regular quilting fabrics I recommend the Wax Printed bolts ....TEN dollars for SIX YARDS of fabric!!!!

Here's their address, just in case:
Jagjit Textile & Fabrics
I have used the wax printed fabrics on many a quilt, and they wash & wear very well. I do prewash & dry, just in case but so far, no complaints!
what are you doing still reading?! Get in your car and go!!!!!


  1. Looks and sounds like such a great place! I just wish I lived closer to check it out! The the colorful fabrics!


  2. Rebecca! I've visited your blog and OH YEAH you'd love this store. I love Winnipeg and you guys have a ton of great places, too...wish we lived closer to shop together!


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