Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Quick & Easy Summerweight Quilt

These pics were taken at sunset, and I didn't notice the shadows until after.  And it IS actually a rectangular quilt, laugh. I am just working on my photography posing skills.

This is a summer weight quilt I made for my Mom. She's in a home and it's so beige and institutional she asked me for something bright for the bed. 

As you can see, this fits that bill!!

 I used fabrics from my stash for the front; it's a mix of Moda prints and other prints that I have acquired over the years. 

I used this print as inspiration - it was so varied these two squares below are actually the same print.
A Moda print called "Guatemalan Floral" I've had it for easily ten years or longer.

For the batting I used a flannelette winter sheet for just enough added weight & warmth. It was so easy to FMQ, it came together really quickly.

For the backing: 
I found an AMAZING textile shop near where I live; and they have ooodles of wax printed fabric for AMAZING prices. I fell in love with this really striking black and white print.

I bound the quilt with a soft pink that worked really well with the backing. In fact, I *almost* like the backside of the quilt best!

This was a very easy and very quick to come together quilt. A simple 9 inch square of one of the primary colours, and a 3 inch brick of a contrasting colour.  And I am pretty sure Mom will love it.
I promise to take better photos!


  1. It is such a colorful piece. Did your mom like it?

  2. She did!! I put the pic of her in it here: http://instagram.com/p/rco515KXVl/?modal=true

    Thanks for stopping by!


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