Thursday, October 27, 2011

Improv Scrap Blocks

So I didn't really work on what I was supposed to today... Well, I DID but then I got distracted....I ironed and cut and cut and did some work on the purple & green improv quilt.

But....Rita's post at Red Pepper Quilts kept buzzing around my head.

Everyday I start off readin' my emails, and the various quilt blogs I like, and the news posts, etc whilst enjoying my cofffeee. I like to read several dif bloggers that both inspire me and help keep the gears turning in my head.

So... pics below....are my OWN scrappy improv log cabins... because MY scrap bins were also overflowing and needed to be taken in hand. Now. All I need is a layout and to decide what colours to border and sash with....thoughts?