Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Today... I am grateful for..... CATS!

Because sometimes, we just need some cute kitties in our life.

I'm biased. I think ours are super cute.

We have been fortunate to share our home with many different cats on their way through our lives to their furrever homes.

J and I volunteer with All Paws Rescue here in Brampton, if you'd like to donate or adopt!

Aw. I do love our Buddy. He's a foster and just got adopted!

This is Mr. Biggs. His face here. OMG this face.

This is Vamp; she's one of ours and loves to roooollllll

Buddy (Mr.Biggs) He truly is a Big Boy.

Vamp in the catnip.

Zazi. At two years old, she's so tiny. She was a feral that we adopted.

Muffin, our mighty hunter.

This is Georgia; she's a current foster.

Lookit this sweet face.

The beautiful Indiana! She was a foster and was adopted out nearly immediately.

The gorgeous but cranky Clarabelle.

Clarabelle showing off her spay scar. She was a foster and also adopted!

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