Sunday, January 25, 2015


I admit it. 
I am addicted to Free Motion Quilting.

This is one of my FAVOURITE finishes for 2014. This fabric made me So happy. A heavy wool blanket for batting and FMQ all over. This is my current snuggle up on the couch quilt. Blog Post Here.

Or...  "FMQ", for short.

In my humble opinion, I just like the look and texture you get from the finished quilt with a loopy-swirly FMQ pattern.

This was my most ambitious project so far. Applique, stars, math, and lots and lots of FMQ to keep the 'snowflake' pattern going. I'm pretty proud of this one, it was a donation to a fund raiser. I learned a lot, and the second one I did was much easier to come together. Blog post Here.

Since I'm intermediate with my FMQ so far, I haven't tried any of the fancier patterns. Yet.

But I can tell, it's coming soon. I have my Rainbow Star Quilt to work on this week, and since it's for Us, then I won't stress too much if it's not 100% perfect. Which is why I like FMQ, it's very forgiving.

This is what I mean: 
See the swirly stitching in the green fabric? That's Free Motion Quilting. 

The 'normal' type of quilting (VS. FMQ) is generally straight lines, or following the pattern of the fabrics, etc etc. I have done this on a Trip Around the World Quilt, stitching 'in the ditch' following the lines. It looked really nice on that particular pattern.

 (I'm not a hater on reg. quilting. I just find I'm better at FMQ)

I found the most AMAZING Blogger recently; she is a FMQ freakin' GODDESS!!!! 
Her Blog is inspirational, educational and just beautiful to read through. 

I am linking up to her Free Motion Mavericks and am just tickled to be able to be a part of it!!

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And no.... I haven't forgotten about my January Goals....Getting Organized. Updates to come!