Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Boxing Day!

I love Christmas. Wholeheartedly, unabashedly.
I don't mince words here, folks. Whatever YOU celebrate, I hope it was/is the best ever. 

I'm always kinda sad when The Day is all over.
I mean, any excuse to sew, bake and knit for days on end, really. Laugh.
We had a wonderful Christmas, full of family and food and really nice times.

And Boxing Day....what the heck is's certainly become VERY commercialized with crazy deals & sales goin' on. 

(For you Americans, it's like our Black Friday.)
Not too long ago actually, it was illegal for stores to be open, everyone had TWO days off over Christmas. No longer so.

Traditionally, "Boxing Day" was named so for the tradition of the wealthier families 'boxing up' their leftovers from the Christmas feast, and all their cast off garments, furniture, etc to bring to the leser fortunate in their area.

So I'm away this week, and am taking a break from many things Electronic related.
Enjoy your holidays, and travel safely...see you soon!

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