Sunday, June 25, 2017

Countdown to Christmas...Wait, what?!?!?

SIX months til Christmas!!

I'm doing a week of Christmas planning trying to, you know. Get ahead.

 Are you like me....all these AMAZING planned projects you'll handmake for Christmas? 
And then suddenly, it's.. DECEMBER 20th?!
And maybe 1 in 5 projects  finished? 
Yeah. Le sigh. Me, too. Every year.

Let's see....Cute Cross-Stitch Ornaments/Wall Art....Christmas Table Runner/Placemats ....Summer weight and Winter scarves....A few new Etsy shop designs....
Oh yeah. LOTS of time.

Okay. Designs Started.

Found super cute frames at Michaels!

So... I have started and continue to work on these itty bitty cross stitched ornaments...

Don't scroll any further if you don't like cuss words....

I warned you....

I also have cute little cuss words ... I gave these to my co-workers last year LOL
There are other ones too.."Whatever" "Hot Damn" etc etc. Custom orders available!!
Funny. This one is one of my top sellers. LOL


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