Friday, November 14, 2014

Some Good Sewing Advice

Ever have one of those days when....wellllll you just probably should have done something else.
( Like, not sit in front of the machine at all? )

When you realized that the blocks you were making you cut wrong....because you forgot to resize the math.....

Or realized when you were setting in a sleeve, you'd sewn it inside out, just as you had set it in PERFECTLY.....

And then you bake a gorgeous cake, and it's 3 layers of wonderfulness, and the icing doesn't set, but gets foamy...and you're like, WHAT IS WRONG then you realize.... you used KOSHER SALT instead of sanding sugar. Yeah. Uh huh. Did that.

Well.... we all have those kinda days.

Go crank up some Motown, dance with the broom, and get down 'n' boogie.

Ain't nobody watching but the cats.
And they don't care. (they know you're crazy.)

And remember

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