Sunday, April 7, 2019

RUFFLE BUSTLES and a Confessional.

I feel like you should say "ruffle bustle" with a mouthful of that just me?!?
 LOL New  "Chubby Bunny" challenge for us crafters....

I love bustles and ruffles and all fun things like that. 
Sadly, when you wear them in your day to day, you *might* get some odd looks. 
However....if you're feelin' a little fancy, and wanna put some sashay into your day...tie one of THESE babies on.... ba-BOOM.
Detailing the ruffles and lace and sequins!

Ruffle bustles have been on my maker's list for awhile now. But I always had other stuff to do. Now in my fancy new room, I can iron, pleat, sew, press & ruffle in the space of a few hours. (Okay, days but whatever).

I started messing around with fabric and lace I already had (hot pinks and fuschias.
Anyone surprised? No? Ahem.)

 and didn't realllllllly plan this, or use a pattern.

 Just going on instinct and what I thought.

After some extreme seam ripping and googling, I realized, I'm over complicating things. 
(GASP, ME?!)

CONFESSIONAL TIME::: Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to sewing. I can do it, nice & simply, but then....noOOoo. I have to get all fancy. Then the hilarity ensues. And by hilarity, I mean hours of frustration and seam ripping and trying to figure out why my serger hates me & won't tighten the lower looper thread.

But I digress.

Coming soon to my shop. Simple, flirty, fun additions to your costuming wardrobe...
PLUS Sized - length is approx 22 inches and sash is 85 inches. Shown on my size 16 mannequin Bernice.
A finish!

Ties on into a super cute neat bow. Fits up to 85 inches!

Teeny tiny bows, handsewn for details!


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

NEW Sewing Room!

The elements are coming together!

So Mr J finished my table!

Shown here, fully in use :)

It's amazing and perfect!

The right height, a new chair, and everything FITS in it!

It's also on wheels so I can push it out of the way when I'm not using it.

It's a bit heavy though, we'll see how our old floors hold up......

I set it up!

Using all the spaces & the drawers from my old storage towers (that were plastic and crumbling with age) I was able to get rid of ALL the storage towers from the sewing room! Seen in the left corner of the photo, all gone now!

It's so roomy now! I was able to get rid of all the bins, even my little table top one that held my things I use the most, like needles and pins and scissors, etc. A rolling tray from IKEA helped clear it all up.

We got the pegboard hung, and I put up the thread and TONS of notions that otherwise just sorta got moved from one spot to the other.
All the folding tables are down in the basement!

The windows were replaced, and are HUGE!
I still need to rehang the curtains, and paint over the primer on the sill.

Lots of work in progress, more to come!